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Getting it Right

When physical surveillance is chosen as the appropriate tool to get you what you need, it has to be done properly.

There can be no mistakes. The consequences of a mistake are the target(s) become aware of what is happening, which can result in all sorts of future uncertainties.


Like any other information gathering technique there are good, bad and “average” ways to do things.

Physical Surveillance has more to it than you think and can involve one or a variety of resources to be most effective.

From Black Taxis, Motorcycles, to Surveillance Vans and Teams on the ground.

That does not necessarily mean it’s expensive. Just that it’s resourced correctly to avoid failure and the results you need are obtained with evidence. Anything that fails is not only a waste of time and money but can aggravate an existing problem.

We do not fail. We get you what you need.

Qualified and Experienced

All operatives have BTEC 4 qualifications and over 10 years experience in both working on their own or in a team environment. Both simple and complex assignments. All operatives have police or military training which makes them professionals as opposed to ordinary PI’s who do this work, not much better than an amateur would.

From 1 to 7 specialist operatives to draw on

It’s inadvisable to have a lower number (and type) of operatives required for a planned surveillance. This is because-

1) An under-resourced surveillance can have its operatives detected e.g. following a target car with another single car will almost certainly be detected within minutes.

2) The chances of losing the target get exponentially higher the fewer the resources used.

Which one is the Surveillance Taxi?

Surveillance Taxis are particularly useful for inner London. Combined with Surveillance motorcyclists it’s almost impossible for a target to detect they are being followed.

Inside the Van. Hi Tech but Total Discretion

All the latest cutting Edge equipment to ensure monitoring the target (s) and collecting the evidence you need is conducted safely, securely & without the target’s knowledge.

Surveillance vans are particularly useful when the target has arrived at his or her destination or stays at a designated premise for a few hours or more.

Which of these is the Surveillance Van?

Our surveillance vans vary between marked (as builder’s vans), unmarked and all manner of sizes and colours, so they blend in with whatever environment we are faced with.


Only one operative needed here with minimal resources

The amount of starting information was so good here that only one operative was needed to show a target was involved with the person at the address he visited.

Legally recording the Evidence-remotely

The use of a Parabolic Mic to record conversations at a distance is perfectly legal and used when it is appropriate and circumstances allow.


Q) So what’s needed for a proper surveillance? How much will it be? A) It depends on the surveillance. Every case is different. Background information is needed such as;

Q) What is it meant to accomplish?

Q) What is the target(s) suspected of doing/hiding?

Q) Is the target(s) expecting a surveillance at some point? How surveillance aware are they?

Your Quote

Answers to the above questions and others will determine what surveillance resources are needed, when & how (Foot, cars, motorcycles, vans, taxis). Perhaps car tracker or mobile phone forensics are needed to start with, to determine more background such as alternative pick up points and what the person is up to in more detail to begin with.

Maybe you want other people identified who the target meets and background on them such as tracing and employment details. Maybe not.

Or maybe it’s just a matter of having photos taken of someone with a target.

There are many considerations that determine the quote. That is why a discussion on background is so important.

See the Procedure or Contact Us page for the next step.

Or Live Chat with a real person (our MD if you wish) for immediate answers including a quote.

All conversations online or offline are secure. As we explained on our Home Page.